start a Residential & commercial appliance technology program at your school

Thank you for your interest in establishing a Residential & Commercial Appliance Technology (RCAT) Program at your school.

The RCAT Program that you establish at your school will be a valuable asset to the major appliance dealers and appliance service companies in your community. The training of new Appliance Service Professionals (ASPs) is of a critical nature due to the industry and countrywide shortage of ASPs.

The demand for new ASPs will be increasing dramatically over the next several years as the existing aging ASPs workforce begin to retire.

The outlook for job placement is fantastic in all areas of the United States. Job placement for any student that graduates from your RCAT Program will be no problem.

we’re here to help you support the future of the trade!

How to Start a Residential & Commercial Appliance Technology Program

Our goal is to help you with the following...

Starting an appliance repair program at your local high school or community college may seem impossible. But we’re here to get you started! We have all the resources and connections you need to start a successful program.

The Residential & Commercial Appliance Technology Handbook has information in it that will assist you in starting–up your RCAT Program.

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RCAT Handbook

How can the RCAT Handbook help you start your school program?

As you go through the handbook, please keep in mind that the information and examples provided are only recommendations and helpful hints of one way to set-up a Residential & Commercial Appliance Technology Program. Every situation is different, and you should adapt and tailor your program to the particular needs of your school and community.

In addition to the information, recommendations, and helpful hints in this handbook, we are prepared to assist your school as follows: