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A yellow flame on a surface burner of a free-standing gas range normally indicates that the burner adjustment is providing?
Many of today’s clothes washers add hot water even though the customer selects COLD water. Why?
When Overcharging a refrigerator sealed system cooling capacity ________ and ________ power consumption?
Which component in the list below is in the low-pressure side of the system sealed in a refrigerator?
Out of the choices listed, what are the two methods best for detecting leaks in a refrigerator sealed system?
The most serious hazard to a technician while servicing a microwave oven is?
Increasing the Voltage to an appliance heater circuit will?
A radiant heat sensor on a clothes dryer is found where?
In most electric convection ranges, the Customer complains of the convection fan blade not turning. She noticed it when she opens the oven door. What component is suspected to have failed?
On a clothes washer what kind of fitting is used to secure the water hose to the inlet threads of a water valve?
To convert a Natural gas range to a L.P. application, what component(s) must be replaced or adjusted?
A thermal fuse as used in a clothes dryer is?
In an electric range, how many complete on and off cycles should the oven go through before determining calibration needed on an oven thermostat?
A Whirlpool gas self-cleaning range with a Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) system performs a 40 second oven safety delay whenever the range is plugged in. This 40 second delay is for?
On a standard, timer driven clothes washer, when is the timer motor energized?
In a refrigerator sealed system what component is vapor changed to a liquid?
When checking the resistance of an appliance load component?
If a dishwasher has a decorative door panel, the door falls down too heavily, the strongest spring available is used and the spring is adjusted to the maximum position what should you do?
What does the dishwasher door gasket do?
In an electric range, the oven shutdown thermal cutoff located at the back of the oven has blown. What could cause this?
Etching in dishwasher is caused by?
On a microwave, high voltage AC is converted to high voltage DC voltage to operate the magnetron by?
A clothes washer that continues to fill even after the service cord has been removed from the 110VAC power source probably has?
The idler assembly in a clothes dryer does what?
In a microwave, the magnetron generates RF (Radio Frequency) energy at a frequency of?
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