Reliable Parts Donates $10,000 to SkillsUSA RCAT Program

Reliable Parts Donates $10,000 to SkillsUSA RCAT Program

Reliable Parts has shown their commitment to the appliance service industry in a BIG way. Reliable Parts has in the past donated a portion of their profits as their ‘give back’ to benefit various organizations and community projects. This year they have chosen their ‘give back’ donation to be the appliance service industry. The channel of their choice is technician education. Reliable Parts has donated $10,000 to the SkillsUSA Residential & Commercial Appliance Technology (RCAT) program. The RCAT program is a full-length comprehensive appliance service training program supported by a technical committee comprised of manufacturers, parts distributors, training organizations, appliance marketing organizations, trade associations, national service organizations, and independent service companies. This committee represents a broad cross-section of the appliance service industry. The RCAT program starts, manages, and maintains support for technician education and training programs, in schools across America. As a 501c non-profit organization, SkillsUSA and the RCAT program depend solely on donations in order to operate.

Reliable Parts Help Grow the Appliance Trade


The donation by Reliable Parts enables the RCAT program to grow the number of schools that offer RCAT programs. The donation funds are used in multiple ways such as marketing, advertising, travel to schools, curriculum development, video creation, event sponsorships to promote the RCAT program, and working with the Department of Labor / Bureau of Labor Statistics to change the Occupational Outlook of the appliance service industry.

The SkillsUSA RCAT program is led by Chairman Greg Doster and Co-Chairman Mark Pollitz who are appreciative of the support and donation shown by Reliable Parts and hopes this will encourage other organizations and manufacturers to support the efforts of growing the technician population, through their donations.

To donate and support the RCAT program Growth Development Fund, please contact Chairman Greg Doster and/or Co-Chairman Mark Pollitz

thank you for your donation!